Senior Devops and Infrastructure Engineer

Job description

Nexla’s Data Operations Platform is the data infrastructure for companies where data driven collaborating with large number of partners is a core element of the business whether it drive Machine Learning & AI or business operations. As an intelligent infrastructure service creating smart data pipes, we deal with high volumes of data across different types of cloud and on-premise infrastructure. This is a unique opportunity to create industry-leading infrastructure innovation working with the latest technology in containerization, microservices, and multi-colo deployments.


  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals with deep understanding of performance in compute, storage, networking, and distributed systems.
  • Excellent system administration and scripting skills to be hands on a small team of very smart engineers
  • Experience working with Big Data, Streaming Data, Data Pipelines, and most importantly Data Security
  • Ability to manage and scale in cloud, VPC, on-premise, and hybrid environments
  • Process driven with the right mix of skepticism and optimism.
  • Ability to hire, build, and lead a team to deliver three to five 9s of SLA across large number of customers
  • Scale, redundancy, performance, and recovery are the 4 pillars of everything you evaluate, design, or build.
  • You can code, you can script, and what you don’t know you can learn quickly
  • Lastly and most importantly, Nexla culture values resonate with you: